No Contract Card Machines from Viva Wallet

No Contract Card Payment Machines with next day deposits

Card payments have now overtaken cash in the UK as the primary way customers pay for goods & Services. No Contract Card Machines with next day deposits

No Contract card payment Machines with next day deposits

Card machines 0% card acceptance fee.

No PCI compliance fees

No Authorisation Fee, open your account in 10 mins.

No Contract card payment machines

Fewer people carry cash today than ever, it is a business necessity to have the means of accepting card payments.

Parents are now providing their children with cards as a means to pay for goods. Partially to teach them about handling a budget and spending in the modern world of technology. The youth market is now a huge consideration for businesses. They are no longer just your customers of tomorrow but are the consumers of today. 

No Contract Card payment Machines with next day deposits

Our Story

Viva Wallet is European Fintech distributor of card payments, on a mission to change how businesses pay and get paid.

Our story began in 2000 as a small but inspired group of technology, UX and payments experts. We started developing web platforms, electronic services and mobile applications for banks and other corporations.

Over the years we gained considerable expertise, which enabled us to take full advantage of the deregulation of the European financial system and propelled our growth. Our team seized the opportunity to disrupt existing models for providers of financial services, and started expanding rapidly across Europe and deliver next-generation payment services. 

Our proprietary, game-changing technology helps millions of users daily run their businesses better, faster and cheaper, whether online, via mobile, in person, or through a physical network of agents. Our goal is to add value at every stage of the payments process.

We are the first European payment services provider entirely cloud-based, over Microsoft Azure.

Viva Wallet is a Principal Member of Visa and MasterCard for acquiring and issuing services with direct connectivity to the Card Schemes providing processing services through our own platform.

We offer businesses of all sizes an opportunity to accept 24 payment methods with our innovative multi-feature Smart Android card terminals, provide card processing through own cloud-based infrastructure, Card-Present and Card-Not-Present acquiring services, merchants accounts and debit card issuing.

No Contract Card payment Machines

We are a licensed e-money institution, based on the provisions of European Commission’s PSD1 and PSD2 Directives with pass porting rights and e-money license across the entire EEA-31 region.

Viva Payments Services S.A. is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations (registration number 900595) for the provision

We aim to help our customers increase sales and profits, by working with all types of merchant’s to ensure that you get the best service possible.

We have a broad and innovative range of no contract card machines from which you can choose. You will easily be able to find the solution tailored to suit your business requirements.

Bank transfers:

All money deposits, transfers and payments appear under the “Account” section. Using the advanced search, you can select which period and type of transaction you wish to view. All sales and purchases will appear with essential information in the description to enable you to identify each one.

You will then be sent an email with all the necessary instructions on how to complete your registration. It is a simple process of clicking on the link provided and following the step by step instructions. You will be sent a code to your mobile phone, within 5 minutes of entering the link you will be prompted to enter this code. It is so quick and easy to open and create a business account, all it takes is 5 minutes.

No Contract Card payment Machines

Make sure you follow all the instructions on the screen to ensure your account is activated.

 How are these fees set?

Our fees are both competitive and easy to understand.

Debit Cards .06% / Credit Cards .07%

With us, there are:- No Authorisation Fees, No Min Monthly Fee, No PCI Compliance or other fees.

Please message us to open an account so we can set your rates!

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