Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance

Trading for 4 month, and processing a min of £2500 per month through your card machine?

Backed By The UK Government

You simply pay off the Business loan UK Merchant Cash Advance every time someone pays for goods or services on your terminal.

Business Loan Or Merchant Cash advance
Merchant Cash Advance. No interest. No late fees.

 Funding between £2,500 – £500,000.

 Funds Available in 24 hours.

 No security required.

 Payback as you earn.

 Auto approval up to £15,000.

 Super-fast application process 5 mins.

 Quick & easy set-up.

Fixed repayment sum with no APR or Term.

Business loans come in many different forms banks, offer overdraft facilities fixed-term loans and want to nail you to the wall just in case you default.

We specialise in Business loans that fit our customer’s needs!

We have access to many lending sources that consider all types of Business Loans, we offer startup capital, invoice financing, asset funding, and commercial mortgages.

One loan does not fit all businesses and we are able to work with you to offer the best deal that works for your needs.

Please contact us to discuss your current financing needs and we can start working on your behalf to secure your funds!

Loan or Business Cash advance?

“I think it’s just such a simple system; whoever came up with it should be applauded! It’s not paying back a hefty bank loan, it’s paying back what you can actually afford. A percentage of whatever you take in card payments goes directly towards paying your debt – if you could even call it a debt – so it’s so simple.” Carleton Leonard, business owner, Gibsons Nightclub

Merchant Cash Advance

Our unique repayment system takes a small percentage of your customers’ credit and debit card transactions, so you can enjoy the funding and remain totally focused on your business whilst the payments take care of themselves.

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2 thoughts on “Merchant Cash Advance

  1. merchant cash advance is not a loan, it is a quick process while it deduct small amount from merchant daily/weekly earning..
    By the way, very informative post.

  2. Hey, Nice blog. Things may change in our daily life regularly And money is the thing which plays a major and crucial role in our daily lives, I believe some times most of the people look up for these loans based on their situations, Most of the people look after these low interest rate loans & fast cash loans as both of them are important.

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