Compare energy deals in the UK.

Compare Energy Deals in the UK Received your renewal notice for your energy, from your current supplier why not quickly check the quote?

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History of Energy Prices in the UK

2018 energy price rises

SupplierOld priceNew priceDifference (£)Difference (%)Effective from
Our Power£848£939£9110.7%April 2018
iSupply£1,014£1,090£767.5%March 2018
Good Energy£1,167£1,249£827.0%December 2017
Engie£980£1,038£585.9%April 2018
Pure Planet£860£908£485.6%March 2018
Ofgem Prepay Cap£1,031£1,089£575.6%April 2018
Ebico£1,101£1,161£605.5%January 2018
British Gas£1,101£1,161£605.5%May 2018
Ecotricity£1,201£1,258£584.8%April 2018
Igloo Energy£845£871£263.1%April 2018
Bulb£855£878£242.8%April 2018
Eon£1,123£1,153£302.7%April 2018
EDF£1,142£1,158£162.7%June 2018
Octopus£908£931£232.5%February 2018
Npower£1,116£1,230£645.3%June 2018
Scottish Power£1,210£1,273£635.5%June 2018
SSE£1,013£1,089£766.7%July 2018
Bulb£879£923£445.1%August 2018
First Utility£1,1991£1,132£66.965.9%July 2018
EDF£1,158£1,228£706.0%August 2018
British Gas£1,161£1,205£443.0%October 2018
Scottish Power£1,273£1,320£473.7%October 2018
Bulb£923£1,025£10211.1%November 2018

Compare energy deals in the UK

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