Open a Viva wallet Business Bank Account today No Credit Check.

Accept card payments today Through your Business Bank account

Add a no-contract card terminal and integrate payments from your website.

Fully Secure and reports on transactions included

You will receive fully automated real-time monitoring of your corporate expenses and have 24/7 access to the balance and transaction history.  

Merchant Account with Next Day Settlement Free of charge!

Personalised Viva Debit Cards available for each employee

Just three simple steps to get started: 

  1. Created your viva business bank account
  2. Order personalised viva business debit cards for your employees
  3. Set the limits for each card, transfer the money in and begin. 

Business bank accounts
VIVa Wallet accept card payments

Open a Viva wallet Business bank account and enjoy the freedom to accept card payments in your business, with no contract to worry about and transparent pricing and great rates.

Every now and then comes an industry changer, a breath of fresh air in an industry that has baffled us for years! No PCI Compliance fees No Transaction fee, No Authorisation fee,

Debit card rate, .06% Credit cards, .07% No Authorisation fee.

It is quick and straightforward to issue multiple cards online for your employees. You control your employee’s spend by setting a limit per card. Inspect each transaction in real-time with the added feature of instant card lock for maximum security. 

Transfer money with ease, even on bank holidays and weekends. Your accounts department will be able to keep track of all funds spent with real-time transactions and reporting. The accounts department monitor the accounts being able to see which department/employee is spending what.

Please contact us to open your account