Business Bank Account UK open in 5 mins

Open a Viva wallet Business Bank Account UK No Credit Check.

Accept card payments today Through your Business Bank Account UK No credit check

Add a no-contract card terminal and integrate payments from your website.

Fully Secure and reports on transactions included

Merchant Account with Next Day Settlement Free of charge!

Personalised Viva Debit Cards available for each employee

Just three simple steps to get started: 

  1. Created your viva business bank account UK No Credit Check.
  2. Order your personalised viva business debit cards for your Business
  3. Set the limits for each card, transfer the money in and order your Card Machine

Business bank account UK
Business bank account UK no credit check

Open a Viva wallet Business bank account UK no credit check, and enjoy the freedom to accept card payments in your business, with no contract to worry about and transparent pricing and great rates.

Every now and then comes an industry changer, a breath of fresh air, in an industry that has baffled us for years! No PCI Compliance fees No Transaction fee, No Authorisation fee, Free reports, Next day deposits, no min monthly fee, no authorisation fees.

Debit card rate, .06% Credit cards, .07% No Authorisation fee.

Pay By Link UK included

Send a pay by link UK invoice to your customers that allow you to collect money from any customer in any currency worldwide. the Customer simply gives you their email address you send out the pay by link Service request, the customer simply presses the pay now button and is taken to a secure portal to add there card payment details and send you your remittance.

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