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We offer both Business and Domestic Switching

Switch Business Energy Provider Now.

On our energy comparison site, you can search over 150 energy providers which could potentially save you £100s. It is quick and easy to check against the 6 largest energy companies today.

Your signed acceptance contract will lock down these rates for the duration. It only takes a few minutes to do. We guarantee to compare the top 6 energy providers (British Gas, Scottish Power, OPUS Energy, SSE, Haven Power & EDF Energy) to find you an outstanding deal. It is straightforward to check your business energy renewal notice or your energy broker offer. Our comparison site will often beat the proposed ‘best’ energy deal.   

Switch Domestic Energy Provider Now

Are you overpaying for your gas and electric? Compare energy prices with our compare site and let us search for the most economical deal available to you. Lockdown a better rate easily and quickly today. You can secure the new, lower, price for the duration of your contract, which is between one and five years.

British Gas

Scottish Power

OPUS Energy


Haven Power

EDF Energy

Received your renewal notice?

You can quickly check your business energy renewal notice or your energy broker offer. We will often beat the best energy deal proposed. Compare energy prices now and start saving today.

A Few Quick and Simple Checks

Just enter your postcode and your gas or electricity energy supplier to start the process. Make sure you have your yearly or monthly usage/spend to hand. Follow the online instructions for the easy step by step process and find out how much you could save today!

Your energy comparison prices will now appear on the screen, and all you need to do is choose the duration of your contract, between 1 and 5 years.

Secure your deal as Gas and Electricity prices are not going down. Prices have been increasing, on average, by 30% a year!

What happens if my energy company goes bust?

Ofcom regulates the energy business with very strict policies in place for companies that go bust or file for bankruptcy 

If your energy provider ceases trading, rest assured that your energy account will be switched automatically to an incumbent supplier. You will, therefore, have no disruption in service, and will be informed that your energy supply has been passed to another company. Then it is your choice to stay with the incumbent supplier or to go back to the open energy market and search for a new deal.

Switching Energy suppliers has never been quicker or easier, so don’t delay, switch today!