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Renewable Energy For Business 100% Funded to go green and use renewable Energy

As Sir David Attenborough has warned, the moment of crisis has come, and we need to act now to tackle climate change.

To keep global warming below 1.5°C, the upper limit deemed “safe” by scientists, greenhouse gases must halve in the next 10 years.

We know that this issue is high up in our colleagues’ and customers’ minds and we hope that world leaders will act to address the issue at COP26 in Glasgow later this year.

Whether or not they can, one thing is certain: getting to this goal will be impossible without greater ambition from the business. We believe we must become a carbon-neutral economy sooner than 2050.
We know this is going to be tougher for some sectors than others. But over the past year we’ve seen businesses in some of the most difficult industries begin to decarbonise – from shipping to steel, agriculture to aviation, all setting their own targets to become carbon neutral by 2050. 

We enable our clients to harvest, store and use all that free renewable energy that is currently going to waste.

Providing renewable energy technology solutions to reduce their electricity costs and provided 100% funding to cover the costs of doing so.

50% fewer species will be at risk of significant habitation loss

10 million fewer people will be displaced due to rises in sea levels

420 million fewer people will be exposed to extreme heatwaves

Farmland Conversion

Farmland converted into a Renewable Energy Solar Farm

A 13.2 Megawatt solar farm has been installed at Three Legged Cross in Dorset UK. 

The decision to build a large solar farm here was heavily influenced by Dorset having more average sunshine than most other UK locations.

This Grade 4 agricultural land, with a soil base of sand and gravel, was an ideal situation for the project.

The project’s 52,000 multi crystalline panels provide enough clean solar electricity to power 4,300 local homes for 25 years.

The polycry stalling Honey module performs well in cloudy conditions and exceeds the standard requirements for snow and wind loads and is ideal for all rooftop installations..

This renewable energy funded project; 

  • generates clean energy to power 4,300 homes for 25 years
  • is saving 5,676 tons of CO2 emissions per year
  • includes ongoing maintenance and services.
Solar Farm offering Renewable Energy

Commercial building powered by its car park

This project included full funding of the installation, commissioning and servicing of a solar powered car park using solar carports and canopies to capture all that energy that was going to waste heating the car park and vehicles. The initial figures show continuous savings in energy costs and carbon emissions.  

  • Existing bills show energy costs of £379,200pa
    Predicted future renewable energy costs would be £316,000 pa
    Estimated savings in the first year of £63,000 which will grow year on year as the difference between what the original energy supplier would have charged and the new guaranteed lower tariff increases.
  • Current annual CO2 emissions are 690,000 Kg,
    Predicted level of CO2 emissions in the first year drops to 430,000 Kg
    Estimated savings in CO2 emissions over the life of the project is in excess of 265,000 Kg
  • An almost 42% reduction in their carbon footprint.
  • Approximately 40% of all energy used in this building will be generated by the car park.

The installation of SMART LED lighting in and around the building will also yield substantial energy and cost savings.

There is also the option to add in electric vehicle charging. 

Everything was covered by the funding, and the client enjoys substantially reduced ongoing annual electricity bills 

A multi-tenanted office building in central London

Solar panels were not a practical option for this large multi-occupied office building in central London, and as wind turbines would require planning permission and a lengthy period of wind testing we went down a different path.

The client wanted to:

  • reduce their rather substantial annual energy bill
  • have a more energy-efficient heating and ventilation system for their tenants
  • embrace SMART lighting throughout the building
  • demonstrate their green credentials to their tenants and shareholders

Our solution, which was 100% covered by funding involved the replacement of their now old-fashioned boiler-based heating system with a new, more energy-efficient 1MW Combined Heat and Power generator using natural gas.

The reduced carbon emissions are only 20% of a standard boiler and considerably more efficient as it captures the heat in the building for further energy production.

As this option is covered by our funding, the customer will save around £600,000 which can now be used for other improvements.

The funding also included replacing all of around 20,000 LED light fittings in the building.

More energy-efficient, brighter and less power-hungry SMART LED lighting system, which, had the customer had to pay for themselves, would have cost £3.5m. 

Therefore this customer  benefits from:

  • Been seen to be green by their tenants
  • Savings of over £4M of capital expenditure
  • Included servicing and maintenance
  • Significantly reduced annual energy bills
Combined Heat & Power

Adding solar panels to a Service Station

Roof mounted solar panels have been added to a BP Service Station in Victoria, Australia.

This 25kWp roof mounted project was fully funded.

This project:

  • provides cleaner greener electricity to the fossil fuel delivering service station
  • produces 38,750 kWh for the business each year
  • is saving approximately 10.75 tons of CO2 emissions per year
  • electric vehicle charging from this green energy can be added later

Shopping centre to save €500,000 pa

The owners of this shopping centre in the south of Europe wanted to reduce its annual electricity bill, reduce its carbon footprint, and ‘be seen to be green’

Our solution

This proposed solution is based on aerial mapping of site location and the energy usage data.

The solution is a combination of two elements, the proportions of which are dependent on a secondary report.

We proposed harvesting solar energy using the air space above the main building and its car parks.

  • Solar covered car parking areas (blue)
  • Roof-mounted solar arrays (red)

Using only 75% of the available roof and parking space, this project achieves:

  • a reduction in electricity bills of over €500,000 per year
  • a reduction in CO2 emissions of over 3,500 tonnes per year

With all the installation, maintenance and servicing costs covered by the funding, and ongoing lower energy bills, from a financial point of view, this ticks several boxes.

Switching over to renewable sustainable energy demonstrates a clear environmental message to their shareholders and local stakeholders alike.  

Shopping Center

Why has a climate Emergency been declared for Devon?

In February 2019, Devon County Council agreed to declare a ‘Climate Emergency’. 

We reiterated our commitment to the environment by signing up to the Devon Climate Declaration in July 2019. 

Councillors also agreed to set up a special working party to look specifically at tackling climate change and what we can do to help prevent global warming.

The Devon Climate Declaration commits to collaborating to engage Devon’s residents, businesses and visitors to develop and implement a plan to achieve a 45% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and by 100% by 2050 or at the earliest credible date supported by emerging research.  

This action was prompted by the 15th Special Report from the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), warning of some of the effects of 2°C rise in global temperatures: 

  • up to 30% of all species would be at risk of extinction
  • 90% of tropical coral reefs would be lost
  • crop yields would reduce 
  • droughts would become more common

The report also identifies that by limiting warming to 1.5°C and reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs):

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